4280 Katella Ave.Los Alamitos, CA 90720U

About Us


Coconut Rabbit has been dishing out culinary flare since 2013 with delicious Thai dishes. Our mission is to surprise our guests with great flavor and great service simultaneously. 

Why are we called "Coconut Rabbit"? Coconut is often a key ingredient in Southeast Asian cuisines and used extensively in our curries and desserts. To extract the coconut meat from the shell, a wooden block with a metal scrapper embedded on one end would be used.  After cracking open a coconut, a person would sit on this block and rake the inside of the coconut shell over the metal scrapper to scrape the meat out.  

Very ornate blocks would be made into the shapes of animals and very often in the form of rabbits, hence the device was often called "Coconut Rabbit", a name the owner found affectionately fitting to be used for this restaurant.

We home you come join us at Coconut Rabbit for incredible Thai flare with your friends and family.


The “Short Rib Panang Curry” was one of a creations using French techniques for cooking the meat and traditional methods for the curry. You will find the menu changing seasonally and the dishes unique from other establishments. Hopefully you will taste something excitingly new each time you dine at “Coconut Rabbit”.

Covid-19 Concern


In light of these hard times, we want to assure you that Coconut Rabbit is continuing to follow the strictest cleaning and sanitation measures for the protection of our customers and our employees. As the situation evolves, we continue to adhere to recommendations from our local public health authorities as well as the CDC and government. Our family is committed to bringing you the same good food while doing our part in protecting the safety of our community. We appreciate everyone that is helping to support our small business through these times. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that is affected by the spread of COVID-19. Please stay safe!